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PLEASE USE THIS FORM ONLY to order to Cybershaft.

Countries currently not shipped by EMS bellow:
USA, Russia, Australia, and some other countries
Please contact us for the current situation.
For shipments to countries that cannot be shipped by EMS, we will only ship with FedEx priority.
( Cybershaft will partially cover the shipping costs for FedEx. )

It may take time to respond to check the stock status and shipping schedule.
Currently, all products are expected to ship by 10-12 days after receiving payment.

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AC Voltage option  

AC cable option I don't need an AC cable. (-1000 yen)   

Please check if you don't need AC cable (-1000 yen)

Add Options 1 Spike insulator SPF-01 11550 yen (for OCXO clock)

Spike insulator option

Add Options 2 50ohm semi-rigid cable2 0.3m 3850 yen
50ohm semi-rigid cable2 0.5m 4400 yen
50ohm semi-rigid cable2 1.0m 5775 yen
50ohm semi-rigid cable2 1.5m 7150yen
50ohm BNC cable(RG58A) 0.5m 1980 yen
50ohm BNC cable(RG58A) 1.0m 2100 yen
50ohm BNC cable(RG58A) 1.5m 2200 yen
50ohm matching adaptor CYB-MA01 2200 yen
Transformer Type 50ohm distributor CYB-DS01 12100 yen

For multiple purchases of options, enter the quantity in the message field.

Add Options 3 DC cable 35cm 3850yen
DC cable 60cm 4180yen
DC cable 90cm 4510yen
Spike insulator SPF-01 11550 yen (for LTPW01)

Pure Power Supply DC cable & Spike insulator

Payment method※必須  

We only accept Paypal payments.

Shipping method※必須  

We currently recommend FedEx.

Shipping cost※必須  

Shipping costs vary by item and region.

Model number of your audio equipment※必須  

Model number of your audio equipment you plan to connect to our products


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